Eliza's Japan

Eliza visited Japan many times, starting in 1884 when her brother was beginning a long career there in the U.S. consular service.  Eliza wrote about traveling in Japan and the Japanese culture in Jinrikisha Days in Japan, published in 1891. Eliza seemed to be ready for any challenge that traveling presented. Hiking up the famous Mt. Fujiyama included "hard climbing in the blinding rain and driving wind," and being trapped in a mountain hut for days.  (Read Eliza's description here.)

The first edition of Eliza's book, Jinrikisha Days in Japan

    The scene above is an avenue of blooming trees in Tokyo as it looked when Eliza visited Japan.  (From the New York Public Library collection--see more pictures of old Japan here.)

                       Eliza's brother George in later years (LOC photo)